Services Provided

Water Projects:

  • Bulk Water storage including Reservoirs & Reticulation
  • Water Pump stations
  • Sewerage Outfall sewers
  • Water Treatment works
  • Pipelines and rising Mains
  • Storm Water Drainage

Municipal Contracts:

  • Concrete Structures
  • Township Infrastructure Development of services

Roadwork Projects:

  • Gravel & surfaced roads
  • Road patching & rehabilitation

 Asphalt Work:

  • Asphalt paving

Bulk Earthworks:

  • Bulk civil works
  • Layerwork


  • Supported by a multi-skilled group of mobile mechanics from their fully equipped workshops in Wilsonia, East London and certified operators & drivers, the company has access to the skills & expertise for any civil engineering project.


The Mamlambo team is well versed in all South African construction industry specifications with regards to the above services.

Proudly part of the Independent Group of Companies